What to look for in a Pergola with Canopy

Are you looking to add a proper canopy on your Pergola? If so, there are various factors you must look for in your Pergola with Canopy. Here the significant boxes you must tick.

Colour matched with other elements of Pergola with Canopy

Adding a canopy after a pergola has been built means you must be careful about the purchase. You must choose a canopy whose colour matches with the rest of the elements of the Pergola with Canopy. Either choose a colour that complements the rest of the elements. Or, you must select the exact same shade. Don’t make the mistake of selecting just any colour when it comes to a canopy. If you do so, all your hard work on the structure will be a lost cause.

If you are unable to find an exact match, the safest option to go for is black or grey canopies. These standard colours tend to go well with almost all types of pergolas. However, know that they might not always lead to a stylish result.


Make sure the canopy you select is made of durable material. Remember, a pergola is an outdoor accessory. This means that it must be equipped to deal with adverse weather conditions. Whether it be extreme heat or rain, your structure shouldn’t lose its beauty. You wouldn’t want your pergola to get ruined because the canopy failed to keep the rain at bay. Therefore, ensure durability when shopping for Pergola canopies.

A great way to gauge durability is by choosing products that are accompanied by a warranty. A warranty is evidence of quality. After all, no manufacturer will vouch for a product it knows is not up to par. Opting for canopies with warranty ensures that you don’t get stuck with a subpar product. And even if it does get damaged, at least you won’t have to bear the expenses alone.