The art of using Pergola Lights

Sometimes even aesthetically beautiful things need embellishments to shine and stand out. If built correctly, Pergolas look great under the sun. However, when the darkness starts engulfing them, they soon disappear from view. Given how pretty they make a garden look, it is a lost opportunity if you let your Pergolas vanish in the darkness.

This is why you might want to invest in Pergola lights. This way even once the sun sets in, your Pergola will keep shining and will keep making your garden look beautiful. Here are the best means of lighting up the structure with Pergola lights.

Make a canopy of Pergola Lights

Use icicle lights. Hang them very close to one another both on the rooftop and on the vertical beam of the structure. This will light up your Pergola as if it is Christmas time!

String lights

You can also use string lights to create the perfect ambiance. Use the string lights and lightly wrap them around the canopy and vertical beams. Make sure the brightness is dim so that they don’t irritate the eyes. Dim string lights deliver the impact needed to light up an evening.

Mason Jar lights

You don’t necessarily have to put lights all over the Pergola for it to be impactful. Be creative about it. Use mason jars to create pendant lights. Hang them at a distance from one another. This will provide your Pergola with a rustic yet peaceful look.

Hanging lanterns

Just like Mason Jar lights, you can also use wired lamps and add flame-less candles in them. This will help give a cosy feeling even in the chilly days. Not to mention that lanterns always look great, regardless of where you put them. So, it is a win-win.