Should you have a Pergola Attached to House

There are two categories of Pergolas. Either you can have a pergola attached to house or have it as a freestanding structure. There are pros and cons of choosing either.

Why choose pergola attached to house?

A pergola attached to house is much easier to build than a freestanding structure. Why? This is because when you connect it to a home, you already have the foundation in place. The chances of building an unstable structure are very slim since the house provides stable support.

Apart from this, it also allows you to realize more use out of the pergola. This is because when attached to the house, a Pergola indeed becomes part of the house. You are more likely to sit in the space when having direct access to it from the inside of the house. Compare this to having your pergola in the middle of the garden. Here, you might find yourself feeling lazy whenever you think about finding slippers and going all the way to the structure.

Why choose a freestanding pergola?

While there are a lot of merits of selecting a pergola attached to a house, a freestanding structure isn’t a bad choice either. Here, you are genuinely allowed to unleash your creativity. There are various designs of the pergola that might not be buildable if you attach it to the house. So, in terms of style and options, a separate pergola is a better choice.

Moreover, freestanding pergolas succeed in being the centre of attention rather than being just another extension of the house. If you are not proud of the exterior of your home, you might want to divert attention away from it. And a freestanding pergola does this job while an attached pergola doesn’t.


Which of the two is ideal for you is based on your priorities. Select whichever you think best suits your needs.