How to choose the best Pergola Designs

When it comes to selecting Pergola designs, things can get quite tricky if you don’t go about the decision the right way. Merely selecting Pergola designs based on aesthetics will lead you to make the wrong decision. Instead, here are the factors you must look at before saying yes to a given plan.

The purpose of the Pergola

Aesthetics. Privacy. Highlighting a given path. Constructing a shaded area. There are different things a Pergola can achieve. The type of Pergola that meets each of these functions will slightly differ from one another. Before selecting a design, you must be clear about why you want a Pergola in the first place. Once you know why you will be able to filter out options that are not aligned with your purpose of use.

Types of pergola designs

You must then make a decision about which kind of plan you want. Here, shapes come into the limelight. Before worrying about the design of the vertical structure, decide what the roof of your pergola will look like. Do you want a hexagonal, rectangular, circular or square roof? After determining this, think about whether you want a simple vertical beam, or do you wish to embellish it with hanging plants. Both these choices will further help you filter out designs.

Size of your garden

Let’s say you found the perfect Pergola design. It aligns well with the reason why you want the structure and is of a shape of your choice. However, it is too big for your garden. It is an obstacle rather than a value-added addition. No one wants such a structure in their backyard.

Hence, make sure that the design you choose fits well in the size of your garden. Don’t forget your limitations. You don’t just need a Pergola that looks good. You need one that looks good in your garden.