Best ways to create Pergola Shade

While Pergolas are an excellent outdoor accessory, the fact remains that the structure isn’t great at providing shade or protecting from rain. This flaw doesn’t stop the masses from having pergolas in their garden. After all, it does succeed in delivering comfort and privacy. The good news is that you can create Pergola shade to achieve the purpose of protecting yourself from the rain when under a Pergola

Here are ways to develop Pergola Shade.

Reed and Leaves Pergola Shade

If you wish to do it the old school way, the best way to provide shade in pergolas is by covering the open rooftop spaces with reeds and leaves. This is perfect for summers when you wish to block the sun. However, in case of rain, the grasses and leaves won’t provide you with much protection.

Live foliage shade

Adding live foliage to the rooftop is an excellent way to deliver both shade and beauty to the structure. Let grape vines grow over your pergola and watch as it covers your roof, thereby delivering you with the required shade. Again, this is ideal for use in summers. In winters and autumn, the leave might fall off. Also, it won’t protect you from the rain.

Bamboo and tree branches

Much better protection can be provided by Bamboos and tree branches. Add a bed of sticks to the pergola. If you opt for a wooden pergola, this type of shade will blend seamlessly with it all. A lot of places in North America opt for such pergola shades due to its dry climate.

Shaded cloth

If you wish for a cost-effective solution to your sun blocking problem, you might want to cover your pergola with a cloth. Use a cloth that is often used to cover greenhouses. There are quite a few flaws in this approach. Firstly, while it protects you from the sun, it won’t keep rain or snow at bay. Also, in most cases, it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing.