Best free Pergola Plans

Are you willing to do the hard work of building a pergola yourself? If so, you might want to look for free pergola plans. After all, building such a structure is not a piece of cake, regardless of simple it may seem. There are various types of designs and shapes of pergolas in the market. Before picking suitable pergola plans, make sure you have the required skills to build it as well.

Here are some of the free plans available. These plans will provide you with resources like building instructions, materials, diagrams, and list of tools required for the job.

HGTV- Pergola Plans with Adjustable Roof Panels

HGTV’s free pergola plan has managed to satisfy quite a lot of people with its easy to follow instructions and guidelines. This plan allows you to build a pergola that features an adjustable roof panel. This way you will get to control the amount of sun you are exposed to when under the structure.

HGTV Wood Pergola Plan

Yet another free plan that has created quite a lot of buzz is HGTV’s Wood Pergola Plan. The best thing about this free plan is that it is as simple as it can get. While the structure built will be fundamental, it will look great in your garden. After all, sometimes simplicity can be striking. Again, this plan is very comprehensive and therefore, easy to follow.

DIY Network Pergola Over a Deck Plan

If you are looking to build a pergola over your pre-existing deck, then DIY Network might have the perfect Pergola Plan for you. This free plan might look complicated if you see the result, but the building process is quite simple. However, you must have a deck already to build this pergola.


You can also choose to purchase pergola plans if you don’t find the free options to be comprehensive and satisfactory enough.