Tips for privacy via Pergola with Screen

One of the most significant benefits of using a pergola with screen is the privacy such a structure provides you with. There are various ways you can make your pergola into a more isolated experience. Here are tips that you should make use of.

Use a wall to make a pergola with screen

A privacy fence is the best ways to create a pergola with screen. Any simple fence would do. This will help in blocking the view and hence give you a confined gathering space. Make sure to choose a type of fence that goes well with the rest of the pergola. The last thing you want is for the wall to look out of place and forced. Instead, it should seem like it is part of the structure. If you don’t feel that a fence is suitable for the design of your pergola, you can choose to add another type of blockades. This can be a concrete wall or merely a cloth cover.

Take advantage of the nature around you

Creating a pergola with a screen doesn’t necessarily mean building one which uses a manmade wall or fence. Instead, the screen can be an item of nature as well. If you are placing your pergola in your garden, the chances are that you are surrounded by quite a lot of plants. Make use of them. Try to find a huge old tree when deciding on a location for your pergola. Rather than using a plain ground, building a pergola in a place with a tree allows you to take advantage of the natural blockage. While the tree will give you privacy, it would also seem subtle. Compared to a wall where the message of wanting to be left alone is clear, here the Pergola seems more open and inviting.